Campaign Against Human Abuse

On the 9th January 2015, I got a chance to visit Woman Against Rape offices in Maun, there I was given a warm welcome by Peggie Ramaphane and her team. Which straight away proved to me their passion for their work of solving social challenges by creating a warm and safe refuge. It was a very educational and mind opening experience, I got to know more about what WAR stands for.

WAR, WoMen Against Rape, a human rights organisation based in Maun. WAR is actively addressing issues causing and promoting abuse of women and children in the society. The organisation is educating the community on forms of violence, identifying and solving situations of violence, and also provides counselling at their offices, protection through an emergency shelter, and legal aid to violence victims.

The organisation has also setup prevention programmes, namely Guys and Girls Leading Our World(Glow), SASA! Community mobilisation strategy, Alcohol Abuse Reduction Campaign, Life Skills Training, Students Against Rape(SAR) Clubs. All these seek to promote the involvement of the community in the eradication of violence and abuse.

Being a non profit organisation, WAR requires your help through funding, support this selfless individuals keep our society free of violence and abuse. To help or to get more information you can visit the WAR website: or visit their office next to the airport in Maun Silence is violence, lets talk about violence and abuse in your community.