It’s nice to be brave when it is worth it!

When it comes to charity nothing can stop my passion, even with the burning sun and a cracking headache. It was a heart warming Friday morning to be part of the VIP guests invited to witness such a charitable event. Feline Field Trust today handed over a cultural hut to Matlapaneng Primary School. The idea behind the hut is to promote culture preservation, expose the youth to our cultural norms, and also to help the students and school to raise funds through the cultural center.

Today, I also learned that Feline Field Trust did not start with the hut they have also donated computers to bridge the digital divide, donated transportation of pupils from Sexaxa village(18km from Matlapaneng) to and fro home to school. They are also assisting the less privileged children by buying them school uniforms.

It was a motivating event which proved that I am not alone, and I would love it if more companies will follow such an initiative of giving back positively to the community. I am also happy that I was given an opportunity to display my knowledge and skills in artifacts and ways of my tradition..